More than 7 billion cellphones are in use around the world today. That’s more cellphones than there are people. But are we prepared for the long-term effects of this amazing technology?

The Bodywell Chip is made by EZ Technologies AG, a Swiss-owned technology firm that researches and develops products to facilitate healthier lifestyles in a digital world. The Chip is manufactured in Switzerland and tested in FCC-certified labs in the United States.

While enjoying the convenience of cellphone use, our scientists also study the risks, including the 2011 World Health Organization classification of cellphone radiation as a possible carcinogen for humans (similar to car exhaust and chloroform).

The Bodywell Chip is designed for cellphone users of all ages and usage styles:

  • All-Natural: Bodywell is imprinted with an all-natural process that counter cell phone radiation.
  • Durable: The Bodywell Chip sticks directly to your phone and is designed to last the lifespan of your mobile phone.
  • MobileTek: The Bodywell Chip is powered by the proprietary MobileTek technology, which is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to cellphone radiation.
  • Intelligent: Whether your cellphone has full signal or is using max power to find one, your Bodywell Chip will provide the appropriate frequency to reduce radiation absorption.