While health experts recommend precautions for all cellphone users, there are a few good reasons to take special care of teens and children.

The revolutionary Bodywell Chip is scientifically-proven to counteract the biological effects of cellphone radiation.

Buried deep in your cellphone manual, there’s a paragraph that few moms read before giving their phones to their toddlers. It’s about the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), or, how quickly radiation from your phone is absorbed into an average body.

The Reality of Cellphone Radiation

To ensure that phones fall below the legal radiation limits, manufacturers test phones in unique settings:

    For industry tests

  • Phones are typically tested while they are up to an inch away from the head, and they fall within the legal SAR threshold based on that distance.
  • In real-life

  • Users tend to press their phones right up to their heads, which could cause a higher rate of absorption than the phone was tested for.
  • For industry tests

  • SAR is measured on full-grown adults with fully-developed skulls and brain tissue.
  • In real-life

  • Children and teens use cellphones and smartphones frequently. Their smaller heads and softer skulls expose them to SAR levels that were not tested for. The risk of long-term damage to a child’s actively-developing brain must also be considered.
  • For industry tests

  • International regulators agreed on acceptable SAR levels in 1996, when phones were used sparingly and almost exclusively for talking. The legal limits have not been updated since.
  • In real-life

  • Today, smartphones are used more often and for many more functions than cell phones back then. In addition, users are exposed to an almost constant stream of radiation by speaking, texting and browsing on smartphones.
  • For industry tests

  • Cellphones came into popular use less than 20 years ago, and ongoing tests show conflicting and disparate reports. This leaves no way for us to say for certain what radiation dangers we are exposing ourselves to that can affect us in the future.
  • In real-life

  • Carcinogens such as asbestos and cigarettes were used for decades before doctors confirmed their connections to cancer. By then, it was too late for many to reverse the damage.

It is up to parents, partners and friends to take the initiative to minimize their loved ones’ exposure to possible radiation harm.

A child’s skull is thinner, potentially absorbing more radiation and at faster rates than adults.

Bodywell is proven to minimize cellphone radiation absorption, using layers of natural properties that are imprinted on the chip. Whether your phone is in your pocket (near your reproductive glands) or against your head (near your brain), use a Bodywell chip to reduce exposure.

You and your children should only use a cellphone that is fitted with the Bodywell Chip, a proven protection against the potentially harmful effects of cellphone radiation.

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